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Waveex Mobile Chip (protection against electrical device radiation) EU approved.

Waveex Mobile Chip (protection against electrical device radiation) EU approved.

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Every day we spend more and more time using our tablets, mobile and smart phones. We are constantly sharing information, networking and communicating with our friends, our business partners, or using these devices just for fun.

The legally defined specific absorption rate (SAR) only protects our bodies against the influence of high- (radio-)frequency radiation. WAVEEX is the only technology in the world that expands this protection to a biological level. This is possible by positively changing the low-frequency electromagnetic fields that are formed.

The first product globally, that protects you from additional DNA damage being done during the use of mobile devices. Based on it's technology WAVEEX works independent of the radio frequency - so it also works with 5G and future developments.

The product offers:-

ROUND-THE-CLOCK PROTECTION -  24/7 protection for children and infants, adolescents and adults

WORKS WITH EVERY DEVICE - mobile telephone, tablet, cordless phone, wireless router, baby monitor, notebook,

NO MATTER WHICH KIND OF DEVICE IS USED - Telephone, Internet surfing, standby mode, wearing on the body.

Waveex have a international, PEER-REVIEWED study done by well reputed scientist Dr. Igor Yakymenko and his research team, which was published in "The Ukrainian Biochemical Journal" in 2022.

Biological effect

Mobile phones and W-Lan devices form an artificial, low-frequency electromagnetic field. Our body also communicates at the cellular level by means of electromagnetic signals, which are disturbed by mobile phone emissions. This leads to changes in the blood count and DNA and entails numerous health risks. WAVEEX normalises hormone and protein production, restoring DNA protection and preventing blood count changes.


Physical effect

The physical effect of WAVEEX can be reproduced exactly and in detail in a number of studies and expert opinions. The physical effect is the smoothing effect of the WAVEEX technology, which neutralises the harmful magnetic field peaks (gradients) in the electromagnetic field. This creates a natural digital shield that permanently shields the human organism against low-frequency radiation.

You know the feeling? Your ear feels numb, you have mild to severe headaches or just feel dull when you talk a lot on the phone on a daily basis?

PC, tablet, laptop and mobile phone – all these things help to make our daily life quick and uncomplicated. However, the effects of the resulting electromagnetic fields (EMF) are not harmless and cause various stress symptoms.


Sleep disorders

Lack of concentration or memory



Blood count changes

DNA damage up to the development of cancer cells



WAVEEX levels out the peaks of magnetic fields

WAVEEX prevents DNA damage

WAVEEX reduces oxidative stress

WAVEEX prevents changes in one’s blood profile

WAVEEX lowers the body’s stress levels



Our organism uses low frequencies (0-100 Hz) for internal communication. The frequencies that our cell phones emit in this range interfere with this communication – continuously.


As explained above active phone calls create a low-frequency electromagnetic field in the close vicinity to the cell phone. However, its levels are inconsistent: it contains gaps and peaks, the so-called gradients. WAVEEX disassembles these peaks into smooth progressions that make the electromagnetic fields tolerable for our bodies.

What is inside a waveex chip?

WAVEEX for mobile devices is a composite chip of seven superposed layers, outside of plastic, inside five layers with silver ink printed circuits, which, if they are exposed to the electromagnetic waves, weaken the passing harmful radiation and balance it with the magnetic field of your body.

To use:

Thoroughly clean any grease and dust from the surface.

Remove the foil backing from WAVEEX.

Mount WAVEEX directly on or as close as possible to the battery or other power supply if on a mobile device. If attached to a wifi router, attach WAVEEX to the power supply, where the cable goes to the wireless router

Press down firmly on the WAVEEX.

If you have applied WAVEEX to the outside, you can stick the enclosed protective film over it to protect the high-tech product from abrasion.

The Problem

In 1992, the California Institute of Technology – led by Joseph L. Kirschvink – discovered that the electromagnetic field generated by mobile phones with its gradients irritated the magnetite crystals in our brain. This triggers signals to the central control unit in the brain (pineal gland), which negatively influences the production of certain proteins and hormones (stress reaction).

The altered efficacy of melatonin weakens the immune system, damages the DNA and also disturbs the protein balance. Repair proteins decrease, stress proteins increase and accordingly the stress level in the body increases.

The Scientific Breakthrough

In 2015, Dr Claude Bärtels (Science4Life Lab) did a desk research entitled “Influence of electromagnetic radiation on human tissue with special consideration of the effect of magnetic field gradients”.

The study shows with impressive clarity the relationship between mobile phone radiation and DNA damage, hormone disorders and increased stress levels and thus forms the basis for the mechanism of action of WAVEEX.

The Solution

WAVEEX smoothes the gradients without negatively affecting the quality of the speech signal and simulates a flat, natural magnetic field.

As a result, the magnetite crystals in our brain are no longer irritated. Hormone and protein production normalises, DNA protection rebuilds, proteins begin to repair damaged DNA, and stress levels in the body decrease.

WAVEEX Mobile Chip is an innovative product of WAVEEX, a technology company based in Austria and founded by two inventor brothers Alfred and Helmut Theuretzbacher, who live in Germany and Austria.