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Limitless Brain Performance Set NES Feel Good Infoceuticals - Breathe360

NES Limitless Brain Performance Set - Feel Good Infoceuticals

NES Health
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Infoceuticals are solutions that are imprinted with specific bio-information.


There are four brain cavities called ventricles where cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is produced. Two are called the lateral ventricles, and these are the largest. There is also a third and fourth ventricle. In bioenergetics theory, cavities and their fluids have to do with tuning energy in the body. If they are compromised in any way, their tuning is distorted and function altered. From a conventional view, the CSF also cushions the brain, helps to provide nutrients to nervous system tissue, and removes waste from the brain’s metabolic processes.

EI13: Learning

EI13 matches to the lateral ventricles and the fourth ventricle as well as the CSF.

It also matches to the cerebellum, which receives sensory information and regulates motor movements. It is highly associated with coordination, precision, and timing, and can affect equilibrium and posture. It also helps to coordinate eye movements. Damage to the cerebellum can compromise motor skills and can cause tremors, slower movement, and difficulty with accomplishing physical tasks. It can also affect speech and vision.

EI14: Decisions

EI14 matches to the third ventricle as well as the CSF.

EI14 also matches in several ways to vision with specific matches to the optic chiasm (where the optic nerves from each eye come together); the thalamus, which receives nearly all sensory input, including vision (but excluding smell), and determines where to send the input for correct processing in the brain; and the visual cortex, where we actually process vision.

EI14 next matches to the caudate nucleus, which plays an important role in learning from past experiences to influence future actions and decisions. Research shows that its stimulation may tend toward pessimism, weighing possible negative outcomes of a decision more heavily than its possible positive outcomes, suggesting the importance of its balanced stimulation for both life outlook and risk-reward decisions. It may play a role in depression. It may also impact the development and use of language, as well as inhibitory control, possibly connecting it to conditions like ADHD or OCD.

Finally, EI14 connects to both neurons (nerve cells) and the nerve synapses between the axons and dendrites where nerve transmissions take place according to traditional science. From a bioenergetic standpoint, we see these synapses as transmitters of information directly to the nervous system of the heart.

EI15: Connection

EI15 matches to the fourth ventricle and the CSF.

It also matches to the cardiovascular centre (or “heart centre”) of the brain, which is part of the medulla oblongata (aka “medulla”). This connects the brain and heart in the sense that it can modify the heart rate and heart output in some situations like exercise or in response to body trauma.

It also matches to the thalamus, which receives nearly all sensory input (but not smell), and determines where to send the input for correct processing in the brain. This makes it critical to our senses. It also plays a role in regulating sleep and waking states, and supports us in movement and language.

It also matches to the organ of Corti plays a key role in hearing, and is sometimes referred to as the body’s microphone.

EI16: Feeling

By matching to the forebrain, EI16 matches to the majority of the brain in a general way. The forebrain includes the cerebrum and cerebral cortex (involved in higher order reasoning and problem solving as well as the processing of sensory information and control of motor functions), the lateral and third ventricles, olfactory and optic nerves, as well as the diencephalon (which includes the thalamus, hypothalamus, and pineal gland).

EI16 also matches more directly to the thalamus and pineal gland. The thalamus receives nearly all sensory input (but not smell), and determines where to send the input for correct processing in the brain. This makes it critical to our senses. It also plays a role in regulating sleep and waking states, and supports us in movement and language.

The pineal gland produces melatonin, so it’s critical to our sleep wake cycles. It also influences sexual development. It is largely responsible for linking the nervous system to the endocrine system overall. More esoterically, some associate the pineal gland with the third eye and the sixth chakra and is seen as a connecting point between the physical and spiritual worlds. Others associate the third eye more broadly to the pineal, pituitary, and thalamus.

Finally, EI16 matches to the limbic system, which again includes many aspects of the brain, but it is especially known as the house of emotions. (It also influences behavior, motivation, long-term memory, and the sense of smell.) Of course from a bioenergetic standpoint, emotions are packets of energy and can be associated with many organs and information pathways; and those that are stuck form oscillating spheres that need to be resolved. But this needn’t minimize the limbic system’s role in processing and responding to these emotions.


Designed to be taken at home as a daily protocol, the solutions allow you to address the body´s energy environment and help turn on the body´s self-repair system directly impacting the physics of the body where the physical biochemistry and its quality are determined.
Encoded with corrective information that helps the body return to its optimal blueprint for health and wellness, the unique line of Infoceuticals are based on NES Health's proprietary and extensive mapping of the human Body-Field over the past 30+ years.
The Feel Good range are perfect for people who want to access the benefits of infoceuticals, without the need for a NES Health Body-Field Energy Health Scan and Assessment.
There are 2 ranges - the first is the range that is recommended through the NES Health scan, and the second is the Feel Good Infoceuticals.

This special range of infoceuticals has been designed to assist with:

  • Reducing stress and calming the body and mind

  • Rejuvenation of skin and tissues

  • Improved mental clarity and function

  • Restful restorative sleep

  • Relief of symptoms associated with EMF exposure

  • Faster injury recovery

  • Normalisation of appetite and metabolism

The Limitless Brain Performance Infoceutical Set and other infoceuticals are most effective when used in conjunction with the NES Health bioenergetic wellness system and working with a qualified practitioner on your targeted dietary and lifestyle program. 

Contact tamara@breathe360.uk for an accurate voice scan and to receive a personalised protocol set of infoceuticals.


Take 3, 6, 9, 15, or 28 drops up to 3 times per day.
Use in pure water - filtered, mineral or spring water.

Please note: Do not use tap water there is too much information in this water.

Infoceuticals have a two-phase response curve, which varies in length depending on the number of drops. As a good rule of thumb; 21-28 drops per day cause a 2 to 3 day steep energetic change, before easing off over the following 7+ days, which is suitable for those that like to dive into change, want to correct their energy in shorter period and/or have already done 2 to 3 rounds of Infoceuticals. 14-21 drops per day have a 4 to 6 day energetic change, prior to easing off over 14+ days, which is the standard protocol. 9-14 drops have an 8 to 12 day energetic change, prior to easing off over 28+ days, which is suitable for the more energetically sensitive. The amount of drops does not need to be precise, and everyone is a little different; you will soon get the hang of what works for you.

This solution is made up of: *Purified water *Himalayan Sea Salt (1%) or 0.29574 mL/oz *Potassium Chloride (1.5%) or 0.44361 mL/oz *Magnesium Chloride (1%) or 0.29574 mL/oz *Potassium Sorbate (0.2%) or 0.059148 mL/oz *Citric Acid (0.1%) or 0.029574 mL/oz

In the Infoceuticals, these micro-minerals are not included for any nutritional value, but instead act as carriers for the QED (quantum electro-dynamic) information, as they have special ionic properties that make them conducive to holding this electro-dynamic information.

Through a proprietary process developed by NES Health, the micro-minerals in each Infoceutical are encoded with specific energetic information which corresponds to different aspects of the body-field.

All infoceuticals are free of the following ingredients:
*Dairy Products (Including derivatives) *Egg Products *Gluten (incl. wheat, barley, oats, rye) *Soy Products (inc. soy lecithin) *Peanut Products *Tree Nuts (incl. Almond, Brazil nut, Cashew, Chestnut, Hazelnut (fibre), Macadamia nut, Pecan, Pine nuts, -Pistachio, Walnut) *Fish/Shell Fish Products *Seed Products (incl. Sesame, Sunflower, Cottonseed, Poppy) *Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) *Sulphites *Autolysed Yeast/Yeast Extracts *BHA, BHT, TBHQ *Tocopherols *Chocolate Derivatives (ie. Cocoa) *FD& C Colours *Beef/Pork Derivatives