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EMF Orgonite Silver Pendant - Breathe360

EMF Orgonite Silver Pendant

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Balance | Protect | Harmonise | Ground

What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is a mixture of catalysed fibreglass with metal shavings , particles or powders, poured into moulds.  It is said to attract aetheric energy similarly to Reich’s accumulators.  Adding crystals into the mixture can enhance the working of the orgonite.  It is basically as substance that functions as a self-driven, continuously operating , highly efficient energy transmutation device, drawing in the negative life energy and transmuting it into positive energy.

The word orgonite comes from the word orgone – the name given by Wilhelm Reich to vital energy found everywhere in nature.

What is in our Orgonites?

Stress reliever. Helps detoxify the body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Heals connections between body and mind. Great for grounding. Balances, harmonises and protects all Chakras. A natural EMF protector.

The aspirin of your crystal healing first aid kit. Excellent for soothing pain, both emotional and physical. One of the best stones for grounding, balancing and reconnecting to the Earth.

Relieves emotional stress. Increases self-confidence. Amplifies  wisdom and sharpens the mind.

Growth, knowledge, love, courage, strength and compassion. Supports you in your spiritual journey.

A companion through change. It balances and protects the aura.  Expands and strengthens spiritual awareness.

The combination of metals strengthens the energy properties of the orgonite. Copper is one of the most reliable metals for blocking and shielding EMF radiation. It is highly conductive and absorbs electromagnetic waves.

Iron has gamma shielding properties.

Aluminium blocks alpha waves and is again highly conductive.

Stainless steel protects from EMF and works well in the lower frequencies such as beta.

Our pieces comes pre-cleansed with Palo Santo and are energetically attuned using Binaural Beats to programme the Orgonite to a high vibration due to containing Quartz they can be programmed like a Crystal. The specific hertz and tone help them vibrate higher than the low vibrating EMF's.

What is special about our orgonites?

Our Orgonites have been artisanally hand-crafted with your wellbeing in mind to Balance, Protect, Harmonise and Ground your Life Energy. Each, stone and material, has been carefully selected, to create the right combined mixture of metals, resins and quartz. Each one hand madefrom start to finish.

The metal blends are sourced from machinists, meaning that they are recycled, and all of the quartz is hand collected and not mined. Each piece is designed with your total wellness in mind. With their attractive and delightful qualities, there isn’t anybody who wouldn’t benefit from using our range of Orgonites. They are created to be enjoyed by all.


Did you know that you are exposed to Electromagnetic Frequencies every day in your home, your workplace and even outside?

They are produced by every electrical or electronic device. Over exposure has been shown to contribute to sleep disorders, headaches, irritability, anxiety, exhaustion, weakened immunity, memory loss, depression, nausea, skin rash and more.

Our orgonites are your personal shield and help to protect you and your family from the harms and dangers of EMF.

It’s now been published in over 8,000 studies that electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) are harming your cells could be harming your health.

Children’s brains are more susceptible to radiation than adults, and may absorb up to 80% more radiation than adults between the ages of 0-12.

You may have even read that scientists are out there talking about the growing problem of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) in the human environment. Especially as the 5G network is rolling out, which creates 40 times the amount of radiation as 4G did!

The average person carries an average of almost two “emitting” devices nowadays. And with all the electronics, dirty light bulbs, gaming systems, Wi-Fi in cars, not just phones.

The problem is on the increase.


NOTE: Accessories are not suitable for children under 36 months.