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NES miHealth Device

NES Health
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A powerful hand-held PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) biofeedback device that is effective for improving your SLEEP - ENERGY - MOOD - PAIN naturally.

Help your energy to flow properly so the body can start to rebalance itself! 

Class 2A medical certification in pain relief

As unique as it is powerful and revolutionises 3 technologies PEMF, TENS and SCENAR


  • miHealth with over 200 functions (worth £3310.00)

  • NES Health Scan (voice scan online) (worth £89.00)

  • An online workshop with Tamara to learn to use the miHealth and go through your scan (worth £100.00)

  • Personal starter health programme to follow created just for you, based on scan results (worth £100.00)

  • Function protocol PDF documents to help you optimally use the miHealth (£££ priceless)


The NES miHealth is a powerful hand-held PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) biofeedback device that is non-invasive and effective for reducing stress, releasing and re-educating energy flow, muscles, nerves, organs and areas of the body. As stress is released, energy can flow properly and the body's own innate intelligence starts to heal itself. 

All from the comfort of your home!

When it comes to supporting your health, results are the most important. Fast results, especially right now, are even better.

FACT: 88% of participants in a large Outcome Study saw improvement after just one session.

Cutting-edge technology can pinpoint sources of imbalance in your body and help with:

  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Pain
  • Headaches
  • Detoxification
  • Bone Health
  • Weight Management
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Immunity/Autoimmune
  • Thyroid/Adrenal Issues

    Improve your SLEEP - ENERGY - MOOD - PAIN naturally.


    What is a NES miHealth?

    The NES miHealth is a compact handheld bioelectric and body-field device combining (and improving on) a number of established technologies with NES Health's one-of-a-kind information-based technology.

    The miHealth is as unique as it is powerful and completely revolutionises 3 technologies PEMF, TENS and SCENAR. It is effective for reducing stress, releasing and re-educating energy flow, muscles, nerves, organs and areas of the body.

    As stress is released, energy can flow properly and the body's own innate intelligence starts to heal itself. The miHealth comes with a class 2A medical certification for pain relief, so it can be used for any conditions where pain is involved.

    What does it do?

    A few examples of the 200+ pre-programmed settings included in your miHealth:
    Acute Balance - for neural fatigue due to acute pain. General Relaxation of acute muscle tension and emotional tension

    After Sport - For general fatigue rejuvenation after exertion. Supports: tissue damage, muscle fatigue, muscle enzymes, muscle tone, muscle strain, swelling, trauma

    Recharge - Works at a cellular level to recharge the whole body with energy, building up reserves ready for action

    Female - For fatigue of the female energy system. Related to female hormone balance and regulation. May improve social ability, attractiveness, sexual charisma and general feeling of well-being

    Male - For fatigue of the male energy system. Related to male hormone balance and regulation. May improve social ability, attractiveness, sexual charisma and general feeling of well-being

    Sleep - Helps with fatigue associated with not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep

    Chill - Helps with processing upsets so a more peaceful relaxed and happy state of being can be achieved

    ESR - Emotional Stress Release - One of my favourites! For releasing inner emotional stressors and helps the body to better absorb nutrients

    The miHealth can:

    • Speed recovery following sporting activity
    • Help with mobility in joints
    • Improve sleeping patterns
    • Enhance mental and emotional wellbeing
    • Increase energy levels
    • Aid with relaxation
    • Aid with improving lymphatic flow and tissue detoxification
    • Provide effective treatment for chronic pain
    • Aid in reducing any kind of myofascial pain including - lower back pain, tension headaches, sore muscles, many kinds of arthritis, post-traumatic conditions, bruises and sprains
    • Help with impingement- syndromes such as rotator cuff problems, tennis elbow, heel spurs and many more

      How does it work?

      miHealth helps to retrain your body's own healing system by communicating specifically with the parts of the body with which it is in contact. The device does this primarily by sending ultra-weak electrical signals, to the spot it is in contact with, and then “listening” to the body’s response from those signals.

      Bioelectric biofeedback therapy is known to help reduce stress and re-educate parts of the body and mind to healthier patterns which can lead to a better quality of life.

      The goal is to get your body’s energy flow back to operating with maximum efficiency. Because the body can easily get trained into “patterns” where the energy becomes sluggish or stuck, rejuvenating the body’s energy flow is critical — as it both releases stuck patterns which clear the way for the body's own healing system to take over.  

      Handheld, you place the two electrodes to the relevant area, and can be used both on-body and off-body. It utilises 3 different cutting-edge technologies:

      Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies PEMF has been around for decades and while there's debate about whether to use strong or weak fields. That's never been an issue for the miHealth because the PEMF it uses is so gentle and completely different from every other device.

      Literally hundreds of human, double-blind studies - published in some of the most prestigious medical journals in the world - have demonstrated how PEMF can help with dozens of health issues including:

      • Help cells to work better
      • Boost absorption of nutrients and food
      • Improve absorption of hormones
      • Increase your ATP (energy) levels

      Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation This therapy has also been used for decades and is still used by hospitals today through electrical nerve stimulation, much as the miHealth does.

      The problem is, normally, TENS does nothing to actually fix the underlying problem just to help manage the pain. Traditional TENS effectively works by beating up the nerves until they are numb to the pain sensation.

      The difference with the miHealth is that it provides the body's energy field with their proprietary PEMF information signals DURING a TENS type of treatment, making it more effective at getting to the root cause of any issue.

      TENS on its own doesn't do anything to correct the problem. That's why you need an "adaptive" response to nerve stimulation, so you can support the nervous system rather than wearing it out.

      That's where SCENAR comes in.

      SCENAR Self-Controlled Energy Adaptive Regulation This powers the "biofeedback" (adaptive) portion of the miHealth's electro stimulation.

      This technology was developed by the Russian's to keep their cosmonauts healthy in space. It works by utilising particular frequencies that interact with the nervous system.

      There are years of proven research behind the core technology, but the miHealth takes it to another level: it is the only bio-electric technology using resonance frequencies in harmony with the body, through real-time biofeedback from the nervous system.

      Many times a second, it automatically adjusts the electrical frequencies it's exchanging with the nerves. But miHealth goes beyond traditional SCENAR technology by being the only bioelectric technology we know of to use global scaling, making our biofeedback more precise than anything else on the market.

      It does this to eight decimal places. Global scaling makes it possible for SCENAR to use MILLIONS of frequencies, perfectly attuned to your nerves at that moment. In other words, we go from "roughly" what the body needs to "precisely" what the body needs with our adaptive nerve stimulation.

      Hundreds of human studies validate the technologies available in this portable device. One study even showed that PEMF technology can regrow bone tissue!

      As stress is released from your body, your cells (especially your mitochondria - the energy factories of your cells) your body's resilience to stress improves, and energy can flow properly.

      Using the body's own innate healing intelligence it can revert back to its original, optimal state. Use it at home or while travelling (including on aeroplane!) - to release and rebalance your body.



      1. Via online shop - delivered to you in 7-10 days.

      2. Contact tamara@breathe360.uk and pay via bank transfer - delivered to you in 2-3 days.



      Your voice can now be scanned to accurately assess your body-field.
      Within a few minutes we can set you up as a client in the system and be sat with the results of your body field scan. All you need is a microphone like the one in your cell phone, a decent internet connection, and 10 seconds.

      A NES scan, including a voice scan, uses resonance to compare hundreds of wellness data points very quickly.  Our body interacts with information and energy fields and waves daily but we cannot see it.  It is similar to how we can send information from a document on our computer using WiFi waves to a printer.

      When we hear a sound, we are experiencing the impact of waves being transmitted through the air.  When you send the sound waves of your voice in a recording that is sent to your portal, the software compares many points to see if they resonate.

      When 1 tuning fork is hit with a mallet, the tines begin to vibrate. If there is a 2nd tuning fork with the same pitch nearby, it will begin to vibrate also, without even touching it with the mallet.  It will do this because it resonates with the 1st tuning fork. In a similar way, the software compares the received energy and information to the parameters it contains.

      Chinese medicine is all about correcting the flow of energy and the concentration of energy. The scan will show where there is a blockage in the flow or a lack of energy, to begin with.
      The cool thing about Chinese medicine is that it includes associations with each organ in the body and emotions that are also linked so it opens a whole new world of information about emotions and stress that may be interfering with our energetic health.