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ATT - Life-Capsule - 5G and EMF Pocket Protector

ATT - Life-Capsule - 5G and EMF Pocket Protector

Advanced Tachyon Technologies
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 Life-Capsule - 5G and EMF Pocket Protector.


25+ Years of Scientific Proof - The ONLY Tachyon USA Patent 
over 3.5 Million Sold Worldwide - Use Anywhere, Anytime  
Totally Safe - Easy to Use - Lasts a Lifetime

Tachyons are subatomic particles infused with the full spectrum of spiritual light. Tachyon energy permeates all matter, triggering the innate healing intelligence of the body and mind.

Once a material is Tachyonized it becomes a permanent Tachyon antenna - never requires clearing or cleansing.

Use this Tachyon energy product for protection from harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) while strengthening your lifeforce and vitality. 

This Tachyonized Life-Capsule Key Chain,  is one of the only tools in the world that increases your vitality and strengthens your life-force whilst also helping to protect you from the negative, harmful effects of EMFs (electro-magnetic fields).

The waterproof capsule is filled with tiny Tachyonized beads that can be felt and heard rattling if the capsule is shaken. The Life-Capsule is permanently sealed securing the Tachyonized beads and creating a true waterproof seal.

The Tachyonized beads’ multi-directionality creates a true Tachyon Ultra Product, as defined by Professor Wagner. 

Carry it with you in your pocket or purse. Start raising your vitality today.


The Life Capsule enhances your energy, transforms negative energy to positive, and protects - shields you from harmful electro-magnetic radiation (EMFs).

In instances where you are out of balance due to illness or injury, the energy of the Tachyonized beads will address the imbalance, with the energy being used as it is needed. 


Attach your keys to the Life Capsule and carry it with you in your pocket or purse.


Height: 2-1/8: (6.67cm)
Width: 1/2" (1.27cm)



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