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GI SereniT™ Complete Microbiome Mapping & Gut Test - Personalised Pre + Probiotics

GI SereniT™ Complete Microbiome Mapping & Gut Test - Personalised Pre + Probiotics

Sun Genomics
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Your Microflora is Unique.
Your Probiotics Should Be Too.

Our standard, industry-leading microbiome full gut health analysis with custom made pre + probiotics.

What is Included?

Microflora Analysis

Start with the at-home stool microbiome test. Your results identify bacteria, yeast (fungi), viruses, and parasites in an easy to understand process using real-world explanations and actionable recommendations. This analysis also includes a Floré Gut Health score using a patented system developed by our team to help you track your gut health over time.

Each 3 month programme includes:

  • 1 x Clinical Microbiome Gut Test
  • 3 Months of Floré Custom Probiotics
  • which is made up of 1 Month Custom Floré Probiotics + 2 months follow on of 2 months combined pre + probiotics
Custom Probiotic Formula

Our formulation scientists use your Health & Diet survey responses and your microbiome results to create a truly custom formula focusing on the specific issues in your gut. Each formula has a custom mix of probiotics and prebiotics and the CFU varies depending on your needs.

Sustainable Packaging

Your first month's supply of precision probiotics will come with an environmentally-friendly personalized bamboo container shipped directly to your door. Refills will come in small recyclable pouches so you can refill your bamboo container and reduce waste. Boxes and ice packs are also recyclable.

Mobile App

In addition to our web portal, you can use the Floré mobile app for free to view your results and formula. View trends and changes between results on the app. Weekly surveys and daily stool logs on the app allow you to keep track of your gut health over time. (Weekly surveys also available on the web portal.).

Online Report Review Call

Book your call from within your app with our Gut Health Technician who will liaise with you and go through your results with you, to help you better understand them, and move forward with some helpful suggestions such as dietary intake, and exclusion.  This call will help you make the most of your test with us, and optimise your gut health score paving the way forwards to optimise your gut health.


GI SereniT™ coupled with Floré 100% customised probiotics and prebiotics are proven functional tools enabling you to take a root-cause medicine approach that can be the game changer in your gut health.

Each supply of Floré custom synbiotics are hand manufactured in San Diego, California by our team of formulation scientists and certified technicians in our CLIA-Certified lab and UL-Verified manufacturing facility.

Your gut microbiome is as unique as your fingerprint. So why take synbiotics made for someone else?

Scientifically proven to modulate the microbiome with peer reviewed publication in American Society for Microbiology Journal. Read here.

GI SereniT™ is a convenient at-home stool collection providing a clinically relevant assessment of the gut microbiome in 5 key areas:

  • Wellness Assessment and Health Scores - through the downloadable app
  • Microbiome Diversity Score - how well your gut is functioning by mapping the different microbe population
  • Disease Association - mapping the microbes associate common disease
  • How You Compare - shows a comparison of your analysis to the database of other microbiome scores
  • Identification of Organisms in your microbiota - shows specific levels of species and strains to get specific and improve overall gut health

Example Report

    Custom Floré formulation example for patient experiencing excess gas.

    Ingredients included:

    Organic Sprouted Broccoli Powder to increase Faecalibacterium.

    Bacillus coagulans to increase Faecalibacterium, reduce Bacteroides stercoris & Parabacteroides distasonis, reduce acid reflux/GERD/heartburn.

    Lactobacillus plantarum to reduce Bacteroides stercoris & Parabacteroides distasonis, reduce acid reflux/GERD/heartburn, reduce anxiety/depression, reduce brain fog & headaches.

    Lactobacillus salivarius to reduce Bacteroides stercoris & Parabacteroides distasonis, reduce acid reflux/GERD/heartburn, reduce dermatitis/eczema, reduce headaches

      Using sustainable design, materials and process.

      We are currently the only current supplier in England.

      How it Works

      Your microbiome journey begins when your register for the customer portal and receive your microbiome sampling Box. Once you provide a stool sample, Sun Genomics’ scientists extract the DNA and apply their patented methodology to create a formula for custom probiotics tailored to your specific needs. You then receive a three-month supply of precision probiotics manufactured in their GMP facility, as well as your Microbiome Analysis Report through an online customer interface which allows you to discover exactly what microbes you have living in your gut.

      Flore Clinical uses leading-edge whole genome microbiome sequencing technology to precision manufacture probiotics and prebiotics - addressing common gastrointestinal symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating, indigestions and leaky gut.

      Floré combines next generation microbiome analysis to tailor create for you and your family.  A personalised microbiome supplement made up of live pre & pro bacteria mixed with botanical ingredients selected specifically for your microbiome.

      Floré micro-manufacturers each formula down to specific CFU content. Floré goes well beyond categories and survey based "solutions", by carefully formulating from a repository of 100+ prebiotic, probiotics, and botanical ingredients.

      Floré personalised microbiome supplements are designed so you only have to take one-pill-a-day and these are cold shipped directly to your door.

      Flore are 100% natural, vegan (optional), gluten-free, non-GMO, and are formulated without artificial preservatives.

      Real Results from Floré users

      81% of Customers Reported Improvement in Immunity
      83% of Customers Reported Increase in Energy
      87% of Customers Reported Relief from Bloating, Gas, SIBO, Leaky Gut, & Other Digestive Issues
      80% of Customers Reported Better Food Tolerance


          About Sun Genomics

          Sun Genomics was founded by CEO, Sunny Jain in 2016 and the Company's story began with the birth of his son. When his son began suffering from GI distress, Sunny went to find a probiotic. Standing in front of the probiotic aisle i.e. the "Wall of Confusion", Sunny quickly realized there wasn't a probiotic solution available. This is because his son's gut e.g. microflora is unique. Instead of choosing a supplement at random, Sunny took tons of probiotics off the shelf that day and instead of going home, he went to the lab and began testing probiotics, sequencing his son's microflora, and researching strains that best matched his son's microflora analysis. Through testing his son’s gut, he formulated the world’s first custom probiotic for his son’s diet and lifestyle. This is our story.

          After careful experimentation, microbiologist and founder of Sun Genomics, Sunny, discovered that 85 percent of the live bacteria supplements on the shelf didn’t even survive our stomach acids. Furthermore, he found that any given person only shares 10 percent microbiome similarity with anyone else, so there was no way one single product could be suitable for every unique consumer. You deserve the best!

          Over the past several years, Sun Genomics has developed a patented methodology that has redefined the standard for microbiome sequencing and proving to provide you with a truly unique, personalised formulation based on your stool sample. 

          Founded on Science

          Sun Genomics aims to change they way we choose a probiotic by making the best custom formulated probiotics. We spent years in research and development perfecting our patented techniques to develop the largest gut microflora interpretation platforms in the world. At Sun Genomics, we believe that before we can advance the market, we must first advance the science.

          *Please note by purchasing Floré: you agree to and will need to register your Floré ID and your information on the Sun Genomics portal to access your microbiome report and to help us deliver your personalised microbiome supplement.