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Erbology Organic Aloe Vera Shot 40ml
Erbology Organic Aloe Vera Shot 40ml
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Erbology Organic Aloe Vera Shot 40ml

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About our aloe vera shots

Our aloe vera juice shot is a perfect travel companion. Drink our aloe shot neat, or add it to your morning smoothie or fruit juice to help refresh and cleanse your body and mind. 

You can also apply it directly to your skin as a calming tonic.

Extracted from the inner leaf, our aloe vera juice contains, on average, over 1600mg of acemannan polysaccharide. Scientists believe this nutrient is responsible for many of aloe vera’s impressive health benefits.

Research has shown aloe vera to have positive health benefits for the immune and digestive systems. It also supports overall metabolism and may help your body to absorb water, minerals and other nutrients.

  • Great for: Supporting your immune and digestive systems and alkalising your body
  • Nutrient profile: Our aloe vera contains on average 1600mg/l acemannan polysaccharides, enzymes and other potent phytonutrients
  • Flavour: Light, refreshing and slightly bitter

    Why Erbology?

    Sustainably sourced directly from small farmers in Spain, we only use inner leaf juice from hand-picked, mature aloe plants to ensure the highest possible level of nutrients; Unsweetened and undiluted so you get the most of the plant’s health benefits

    Top tip: Drink alone, add to smoothies and water or apply to your skin to calm and hydrate


    99.8% aloe vera inner leaf, 0.2% citric acid. Undiluted and unsweetened.

    About Erbology

    Holistic Approach - Organic - 100% Plant Based - Sustainable.

    As a thought-leader in plant-based nutrition, Erbology is taking powerful plants and making them accessible everyday in delicious foods and drinks. 

    Irina and Victor Turcan are siblings hooked on whole foods, healthy living and weird-sounding roots and berries. 

    "The old Bessarabian countryside – a hidden gem in Eastern Europe – is probably not the place most people would look for inspiration. But the childhood summers we spent there were ones where we breathed in the scents of plums, quince, and goji berries that our grandma scattered to dry over unfolded newspapers. We hid behind sacks overflowing with walnuts.

    We played in the milk thistle fields and climbed our favourite black cherry trees. And while we played, our babushka would feed sunroot leaves and amaranth to the goats, pick berries for us, or sip her favourite St John’s wort or dogwood tea.

    It was idyllic, a place seemingly lost in time. And since we haven’t yet worked out how to recreate the past, we decided to at least try to tap into the wholesome living we once enjoyed – and to share it with you."