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ATT Tachyonized Velcro Headband + Tachyonized 15mm Micro-Disk
ATT Tachyonized Velcro Headband + Tachyonized 15mm Micro-Disk
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ATT Tachyonized Velcro Headband + Tachyonized 15mm Micro-Disk

Advanced Tachyon Technologies
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25+ Years of Scientific Proof - The ONLY Tachyon USA Patent 
over 3.5 Million Sold Worldwide - Use Anywhere, Anytime  
Totally Safe - Easy to Use - Lasts a Lifetime

Tachyons are subatomic particles infused with the full spectrum of spiritual light. Tachyon energy permeates all matter, triggering the innate healing intelligence of the body and mind.

Once a material is Tachyonized it becomes a permanent Tachyon antenna - never requires clearing or cleansing.

Completely non-invasive, it has been said to be a soothing and relaxing experience infusing every cell of your body with healing energy. After as little as 20 minutes individuals report feeling cleansed and renewed, both physically and mentally, as well as experiencing increased feelings of self-worth and a deeper appreciation for life. The physical benefits that accompany vary from person to person, with many people shrugging off feelings of lethargy and experiencing an upsurge in energy in the days and weeks that follow.


Tachyonized Stretch and Velcro Headbands are made from a high quality, double-woven cotton terrycloth. The headband charges the subtle organizing energy fields (SOEFs explained here) of the brain, balancing the right and left hemispheres and increasing mental acuity. Tachyonized Headbands provide 360 degrees of coverage for the entire brain area. They are indicated for any and all brain issues.


Tachyonized Headbands have many uses:

1. Individuals who meditate love to use the Tachyonized Headbands to enhance their experiences. They often choose the Velcro Headband so that the 15mm Tachyon Micro Disks or a 24mm Tachyon Cell (sold separately) can be placed over the third eye, which intensifies the experience.

2. Athletes have reported feeling more physical stamina when working out while wearing Tachyonized Headbands.

3. Students applaud the mental clarity they experience as a result of using a Tachyonized Headband. They say that it is much easier to stay focused for greater periods of time.

4. Try a Tachyonized Headband for headaches. Countless customers have said that they quickly ease headache pain with the Headband by itself, which is enhanced with the micro-disk inside.

5. The Velcro Headband is great worn around the neck with or without Tachyonized Cells or Micro Disks. Tie a knot so that the headband is closer to the neck. This is great for neck tension, energizing the thyroid, or for a sore throat.

6. The Velcro Headband also works well around a medium to large dog's neck and the Stretch Headband fits nicely on a cat (if the cat lets you).

7. Tachyonized Headbands, with or without Tachyonized Cells or Micro Disks (sold separately), are great for many issues concerning the brain or nervous system. These can include Attention Deficiency Disorder, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Stroke, and hormonal imbalance, to name a few.


To find the secret pocket on your headband, lay it in front of you with the Tachyon label on the left end and the Velcro fastener on the right end. Hold the edges of the headband between your thumb and fingers about one inch in from the right end and squeeze gently, and you should see the slit for the secret pocket open up close to the right end of the Velcro. You may have to use a scissors or small knife to open it completely if there are any threads blocking it.
(See below for the microdisk required)


It is suggested to hand wash and line dry the headbands to preserve the integrity of the terrycloth material.

Tachyonized 15mm Micro-Disk

Tachyonized Micro-Disks are extremely effective directional antennae for attracting energy to a specific area. They are designed to be worn on the body to treat any injury, to help unbalanced organs rebalance, to rejuvenate your immune system, or to enhance athletic performance.

When a biological system is in a state of disorder focusing a Tachyon antenna to the area will return the area to a state of balance. Gabriel Cousens, M.D., refers to this effect as the "youthing" process. This phenomenon is also known as positive and negative entropy. Positive entropy is defined as chaos, disorder, or disease. Negative entropy is balance or order. In the aging process, positive entropy steadily increases. Once the body reaches a particular threshold of positive entropy it can no longer function and death results. Youthing occurs as a result of increased negative entropy. It has been shown that Tachyonized Micro-Disks increase negative entropy, thus promoting balance and harmony in the body. 


The 15mm Tachyonized Micro-Disks are made of the same pure silica material as the Silica Disks. When using Micro-Disks on an injury or an unbalanced area wear them as often as possible throughout a 24hour period. Remove when showering or bathing and then reapply. 

When the Micro-Disks are placed on an injury or unbalanced area they should be left on that area until all symptoms are gone, plus an additional two to three days. As long as the Tachyonized Micro-Disk is applied to the body it will attract energy to the SOEFs. The SOEFs convert Tachyon into the exact frequencies needed to restore order. In other words, the SOEFs convert Tachyon into usable biological energy. It is this usable biological energy that allows the body to heal itself.

Thousands of people use Tachyonized Micro-Disks/Energy Cells to enhance their meditation and focus using the Tachyonized Velcro Headband that has a pocket to hold the Micro-Disk/Energy Cell on the 3rd eye.


*Chronic Conditions: If you are experiencing a chronic or long- standing problem, it will take more time for the body’s tissues to return to balance. Remember to cover the entire area. Failure to do this can substantially increase the rebalancing time. There are no set time frame when the return to balance will occur. Each person is unique, with a unique set of circumstances. Please be patient and gentle with yourself. Allow your body the time it needs to come back into balance.


Tachyonized Micro-Disk is15mm 


Adhere the Tachyonized Micro-Disk directly on the area in need of balancing with some tape, with the side that says "energy flows out this side" facing your skin, or insert into headband secret pocket and wear.