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Sintra Aromatherapy Room Freska Spray (Serenity)

Sintra Aromatherapy Room Freska Spray (Serenity)

Sintra Naturals
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Sintra provides you with a nature-friendly way to love your skin to the fullest.


This organic room and linen spray is made with 100% natural ingredients and no chemicals.

Our room spray is guaranteed to eliminate odours, even the strong ones, without creating any chemical fumes which are harmful to pets and humans alike.

The sprays are made with organic essential oils carefully blended and chosen so that we are well below the maximum usage rate whilst still creating a perfect aroma.

Our serenity spray is made with the essential oil blend of lavender, sweet orange and ylang ylang creating a soothing aroma to calm and relax.

Safe to use around pets and children and within closed areas.


How to use:

Spray into the air or onto linen, keeping away from eyes and mouth. A little goes a long way and fills the room with a pleasant aroma. Shake well before use. Use within 12 months once opened.

Please do a patch test on the linen first.



Distilled water, Zinc Ricinoleate and Sodium Sarcosinate, Essential Oils:- Lavender, Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang. Phenoxyethanol.

Delivered in a 100ml Amber glass bottle.


For External use only

Keep away from children


Net weight 100g



Packaged in cardboard push tubes which are quite robust.  Please retain the spray pump and request for an aluminium cap for your repeat purchases.



Sintra Beauty is a sustainable company that creates products that are effective, nature-friendly, and suitable for all-skin types, even sensitive skin. That’s because we make sure that all the ingredients we use are high-quality and collected from natural sources. From soaps to body butters, we are proud to offer you a range of products that will never fail in soothing and nourishing your tired skin!