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Advanced Gut Health Test - Breathe360

Ultimate Gut Health Test - Test Don't Guess

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Your Gut Health Matters! 

Get all the information you need to tackle poor digestion and other chronic symptoms.

  • Discover your friendly and unfriendly bacteria
  • Find any yeasts and parasites
  • See how your digestion is working
  • Find out if you have leaky gut
  • Find out how well you break down food


    • The advanced gut test is measures the most researched digestive markers linked to chronic symptoms.
    • A complete 360 test to look at the entire digestive eco-system instead of focusing only on bacteria.
    • Microbiome health, stool consistency, pH levels, microbe diversity, enterotype, and dysbiosis index.
    • Bacteria, yeasts (including candida), moulds, h.pylori.
    • Archaea + Parasites.
    • Pathogenic Bacteria, and qPCR Worms Test.
    • Advanced gut health biomarkers, digestive function, leaky gut, immune system and inflammation.
    • Post consultation with Tamara, based on your results that offers dietary, lifestyle and targeted supplement advice and suggestions.
      • Symptom Review and Feedback.

      • A detailed analysis of the complex ecosystem of microbes in your large intestine.

    Gut health kit

    Full kit with detailed instructions and freepost return.

    In-depth report

    We turn complex lab results into meaningful insights and action plans.

    Expert feedback

    Experienced practitioner, Tamara to look at your symptom survey and test results.

    Targeted supplements

    Specialist supplement advice based on your test results.

    Meal plan

    Meal plan ideas to support the repair of your digestive system.

    Knowledge hub

    Free educational materials on maintaining gut health.


    100 trillion

    The complex ecosystem of microbes in your large intestine


    We measure the most researched digestive markers linked to chronic symptoms

    360° test

    Our tests look at the entire digestive ecosystem instead of focusing only on bacteria