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The Wonderful Benefits of Celery Juice

What is all the fuss about with celery juice?

Is it really as good as people say it is?

Known as a miraculous superfood, believe it or not that simple-looking stalk vegetable has so much to it.

Celery contains lots of antioxidants – which are what protect our cells from the effects of free radicals – molecules produced when the body is exposed to pollutants such as tobacco, smoke or radiation.

It also contains a few helpful vitamins like A, C, B, K, and Folate, plus minerals, and a decent amount of fibre.

What can celery help with?

There is a chemical in celery that’s helpful in protecting the lining of the gastrointestinal tract, which can help prevent ulcers and inflammation. If you drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach then it will also strengthen the digestion of foods you eat for the rest of the day.

Celery contains two important electrolytes, potassium and sodium along with more undiscovered mineral salts meaning that it helps to starve pathogens – the cause of a host of unwanted symptoms that go undiagnosed every day

Celery helps to raise your gut’s hydrochloric acid and also helps to balance your Ph. It helps to flush out toxins and boost immunity, and due to being rich in fibre can help boost digestion.

How much can I drink?

The suggested daily amount is up to 15oz per day which can help to help combat and reduce unwanted symptoms such as inflammation, ulcers, muscle spasms, auto-immune, nervousness, headache, fatigue, weight loss, water retention, and bloating. Celery can also be effective in reducing blood pressure because it contains anti-hypertension properties.

What’s not to love with this simple but powerful, and affordable vegetable.

Try it yourself.

Why not Juice 5-10 stalks every morning for 7 days and notice any changes.