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Balance is Key, Breathing can help. Try this!

Only through balance we can exist and live as long as we can. Balance is key to our existence.

There are writings that say that no dis-ease can exist if the system is in balance.  An interesting concept and idea.

Balance is one of the fundamental laws of the universe. It applies to everything, either in the fact that it is balanced or in the fact that it’s in a state of flux trying to retrieve it.

As a part of the universe, the constant tendency to find balance applies to every aspect of our life. We are forever in search of peace and tranquility unconsciously.

Live your life on purpose.

BREATHING well can make a difference to your mind body and emotions in minutes.

The way that you breathe makes a lot of difference in your body and can even change the environment to being either acidic or alkaline.

The deeper you breathe, the more alkalising is the effect on your body.

When you don’t breathe in a deep manner or take shallow breaths, more carbon dioxide is trapped in your blood, which makes your system highly acidic.

Shallow breathing also means that your stress, which makes you produce more cortisol (stress) hormones, which leaves you with more toxins in your blood making your body more acidic. Just by taking five deep breathes, you put more oxygen in your system, that helps clean your system. The less the carbon dioxide in our system, the less acidic is your body.

Place one hand on your stomach and one on your chest or heart.

Now when you inhale, feel your stomach inflate and when you exhale, the opposite will happen.

You can start by 4 seconds of deep inhale, 4 seconds of hold and 6 seconds of exhaling.

Just doing this can for five minutes a day is a self help toolkit towards rebalancing your mind, body and soul.