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Sintra Vegan Pet Shampoo Bar

Sintra Vegan Pet Shampoo Bar

Sintra Naturals
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Sintra provides you with a nature-friendly way to love your skin to the fullest.

The vegan pet shampoo bar works wonders for your pets skin and coat whilst eliminating odours. It can help to repel tics and fleas, protects the fur and makes it shine.

The bar is unscented as some essentials oils can be dangerous to animals if they lick or ingest them in any manner.  We use charcoal and neem oil creating a bar with a neutral flavour.

This shampoo bar lathers easily to create a quick washing experience for your pets.

Keep the bar dry between washes as this helps to keep it solid and last long.

This shampoo bar has been used successfully on several all breeds of dogs, cats (hairless ones too), horses and guinea pigs.

Neem oil: This has been used for centuries to help pets repel various bugs like tics and fleas and mosquitoes and it has very strong moisturising capabilities which help in soothing and relieving pets with itchy skin.

Charcoal: This nature wonder product fights effectively in eliminating odours and helps to keep your pets coat shiny and healthy.

Panthenol: Pro vitamin B5 helps give extra protection to pets skin and soothes it from any irritation. 



Sodium cocoyl isothienate, coco glucoside, Melissa azardiracta neem seed oil, activated charcoal powder, iota carrageenan, distilled water, panthenol.


Weight 75g



No plastic packaging we are using cardboard boxes which are perfect to ship these handmade goodies.

These hand pressed shampoo bars are bit delicate than the cold process soap bars thats why we opted for cardboard boxes rather than paper packaging and as bars are hand moulded each bar is bit different and might have few imperfections. 




    Sintra Beauty is a sustainable company that creates products that are effective, nature-friendly, and suitable for all-skin types, even sensitive skin. That’s because we make sure that all the ingredients we use are high-quality and collected from natural sources. From soaps to body butters, we are proud to offer you a range of products that will never fail in soothing and nourishing your tired skin!