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Frumat Apple Vegan Shoulder Bag - Breathe360

Vegan Shoulder Bag - Frumat Apple

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Each and every order from our range of beautiful accessories are handmade just for you, making them all the more special and unique.
Our Frumat Apple shoulder bag is a leather alternative material and comes with an orgonite keyring, that offers an element of EMF energy shield.

  • 100% Biodegradable Material

  • PETA approved Vegan

  • Cruelty Free

  • Sustainably Sourced

  • Non-Toxic / Chemical Free

  • EMF Shield Keyring

  • Flexible andamp; Durable

  • Sustainable Farming

  • Social, Ecological andamp; Cultural Development

Frumat Apple
Made from, particular methods of recycling, and processing of the apple skins, cores and pulp in apple-producing regions that are faced with a significant amount of food-production waste. How is it made? After making apple juice, the pulp is left, which is usually thrown simply away. To make the leather, the apple waste, is dried and ground into powder. This powder is mixed with pigments and a binder and spread out onto a canvas, until it turns into a leather-like material, which is PETA-approved vegan. In the production of this material, we use the industrial waste of the apple juice production to substitute part of the polyurethane. All the products are made with the same process and they are composed of a textile support, a polyurethane coating and apple residuals.
Our lead time to fulfil your order and delivery is within 4-6 weeks.
Caring for me
Frumat Apple If you spill something on me or if I get a little dirty, just wipe me clean with a damp cloth and then leave me to air dry. When I grow old or reach the end of my life-cycle, please dispose of me in your compost bin (once any metal parts or extras have been removed), to put the energy back into the ground and allow me to decompose naturally.