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Erbology Organic Tulsi Powder 90g

Erbology Organic Tulsi Powder 90g

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About tulsi powder

Also known as ‘holy basil’. Tulsi is a revered herb in ancient Indian medicine (Ayurveda). Its traditional uses include treating everything from skin conditions to nausea. 

More recently, tulsi has been identified as an adaptogen and antioxidant. This special family of plants and fungi helps the body cope with mental and physical stress. Tulsi, in particular, has shown promise in terms of helping us balance our mood and mental stress levels. Meanwhile, other studies have suggested that tulsi may be able to help defend us from certain pathogens and toxins.

  • Great for: Helping you cope with physical and mental stress, balance your mood, increase endurance and fight infection
  • Nutrient profile: A potent adaptogen, rich in chlorophyll, essential oils and nutrients that fight oxidative damage
  • Flavour: Peppery, zesty

Why Erbology?

Using a whole food, small-batch powder, rather than brewing tulsi tea with whole leaves, means you're consuming more of tulsi's healthy nutrients.

Our tulsi is sourced straight from small organic farms in India.


100% organic tulsi (Ocimum tenuflorum). Raw. Vegan. Gluten-free. Non-GMO. Sustainably sourced from India.

How to enjoy: 

Stir 1⁄2 tsp into hot water to make a soothing tulsi tea, adding a little ginger, lemon or honey if you like.


About Erbology

Holistic Approach - Organic - 100% Plant Based - Sustainable.

As a thought-leader in plant-based nutrition, Erbology is taking powerful plants and making them accessible everyday in delicious foods and drinks. 

Irina and Victor Turcan are siblings hooked on whole foods, healthy living and weird-sounding roots and berries. 

"The old Bessarabian countryside – a hidden gem in Eastern Europe – is probably not the place most people would look for inspiration. But the childhood summers we spent there were ones where we breathed in the scents of plums, quince, and goji berries that our grandma scattered to dry over unfolded newspapers. We hid behind sacks overflowing with walnuts.

We played in the milk thistle fields and climbed our favourite black cherry trees. And while we played, our babushka would feed sunroot leaves and amaranth to the goats, pick berries for us, or sip her favourite St John’s wort or dogwood tea.

It was idyllic, a place seemingly lost in time. And since we haven’t yet worked out how to recreate the past, we decided to at least try to tap into the wholesome living we once enjoyed – and to share it with you."