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Voice Scan your Health - 60 Minute Tailored Zoom or In-Clinic Session

Remove the guesswork, and get specific.

A truly personalised session created just for you.

Meeting you exactly where you are and looking beyond your symptoms using revolutionary toolkits.

The session starts with:

  • Voice Analysis NES Health Scan. By capturing a recording of your voice, in just 10 seconds the software can compare your body-fields to the known blueprinted “healthy” body-fields, how well it is functioning at an unseen level, and accurately indicate what functions or systems of the body may need support, and why they need support.
  • From your scan we can easily see health priorities on a mental, physical, and emotional level, and you will receive a tailored plan, that includes suggestive adaptive changes, including nutritional, and lifestyle adjustments that you can implement immediately.
  • Click here to read about voice scan technology​
  • Click here  to see what a voice scan report looks like (scroll down to the screenshots).
  • Together we walk through your scan results
  • A variety of toolkits may be used in the session to help support you, and in no order – nutrition, breathwork, trauma releasing exercises, tapping therapy & mindfulness, talk therapy that may include inner child and shadow work, suggested gut health testing.

Improve natural energy flow and feel more motivated and clear minded

Restore balance to disrupted energy

Naturally release unresolved / unprocessed emotion and trauma keeping you stuck



  • A set of 6 NES Health Bio-Imprinted Remedies (infoceuticals) to help rebalance and re-energise your energy fields
  • A download of a personalised meditation based on your scan results that includes information and frequencies tailored to you
  • Visit www.infoceuticals.com to find out more about the energy medicine


Add-On 60 Minute Sessions

Tailored entirely to you.

Explore you.

Find awareness to your thoughts, feelings, patterns and behaviour.

Become aware and acknowledge where you are in your inner and outer world.

Support your current health and wellbeing priorities.

Look beyond your symptoms.

Plan some attainable goals to accomplish with facilitation to help keep you on track.

Improve your relationship with yourself and others

Boost your self-esteem, confidence and self-worth.

Find acceptance and how you can take responsibility for YOU.

Release unresolved emotions, frustrations, even fears stored in your body that are affecting YOUR LIFE keeping you stuck and blocking you from moving forward.

Learn how to re-train the mind, body, emotional and energy body, providing new information to your informational pathways, and switch on parts that are sleeping.

Experience a sense of waking up.

Build healthy boundaries so that external experiences are not affecting you so much, with new found awareness and resilience.

Commit to daily self-care and self-growth, making it a part of your lifestyle, with tailored support and guidance.

Create space, clarity and calm.

A safe space – to just BE.

Take time out from busy life Are you ready to change the “story” you are currently telling yourself and living?


I create a safe and secure container for you. Reminding you that you are are enough, and helping empower you to be your own healer. There are no mistakes, only lessons. When one cycle ends, it is not the end, but the beginning.

You are your own powerful healer and all the answers are inside. By making some small focused changes, when you are truly ready, you can leave behind a life that feels chaotic, overwhelming and stressful, and move towards a more peaceful, fun-filled and energised life experience.

Rebalance your life like never before.

All the while your body is communicating to you, it loves you, and is doing an incredible job to keep you SAFE, and in SURVIVAL. It communicates to you in a way that it knows how, doing its best to help you STAY OKAY. Sometimes the informational pathways are old and unserving – we can change these and replant new ones that release us from old stuck patterns, and others imprinted information, giving space for new life. Today if you did your best – that is good enough!  

**sessions purchased in bulk will benefit from a programme better value price