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About Us

About Tamara Selaman | Heal Naturally and Be the Best You Can Breathe360

“Feeling is Healing – Suppression is Depression”.

Hi, my name is Tamara, I started my path of natural healing in 2004.

After experiencing a serious car accident in 1999, I received multiple operations including a bone graph and spinal fusion, and was then let home 5 days later, with no support, no treatment plan, no therapy or emotional support, and a bag full of medication.

I imagine this was life changing direction.

However, at the time it felt as though I was full of pain, physically, emotionally and mentally. My body went into coping, trauma was stored, and heavy medication suppressed feelings, sensations and pain. Without the medication I couldn’t move.  Before I left the house I would need to massage and work on trigger points to relieve headaches that felt bed bearing.  I did my best to work and took on contracts and temporary assignments but I couldn’t sit down for more than 10-15 minutes and I was easily tired.

My studying stopped, worked was intermittent, and anxiety and low mood symptoms were showing up.  At the time marijuana really helped ease the pain. I experienced a lot of nerve pain in the spine, pelvis and legs, and into what felt like behind my left eye.

Because part of the metal work was visible next to my spine, and you could see a slight bulge to the side of my spine, I labelled myself “frankin-tam”.

I wanted to stop the pain, and I felt a burden to other. I sensed a missing out with my friends, studying, partying, working and travelling.

I wanted to be able to move freely, and felt a victim to myself.  I wanted to feel “pretty”, “attractive”, “feminine” again.  My self-confidence was reducing, and chronic fatigue was showing up. I would make up, and tell others that I was “okay”, when inside I was crying, screaming and struggling.

The symptoms were debilitating, and some of the doctors would tell me I was psychosomatic. I felt stuck.

Experiencing nerve pain, headaches that created brain fog, and dizziness, severe eye pain, I was struggling. It was all unseen.

In 2004, 5 years later,  I requested removal of the metalwork from my spine. The same year I had 2 other big operations, all within 6 months of each other. This depleted my energy even more.  I would spend a lot of time sleeping, and being in bed, and I attempted to fulfil full time jobs, some I managed, others I didn’t.

I stopped all pain relief. Life changed. I could see a flicker of light.

I started functioning. I tried therapies but they “didn’t work”. because my body was carrying trauma, distorted informational pathways and unprocessed emotion.  I didn’t know this at the time.  It was not functioning well at energy level, and diet, gut biome, and liver and kidneys needed support.

My body was becoming hyper-reactive. I didn’t feel safe.

I was experiencing symptoms that felt overwhelming –  severe headaches, vertigo, digestive issues, pain in my back, sciatic pain, anxiety and depressive moods.

At the time, I felt very much alone. Misunderstood, and labelled.

Doctors and Specialists kept attempting to give me medication of all sorts. I said no. This at the time wasn’t received well.

I started to see more therapists, conventional and alternative. I had a box folder full of tests, treatments, letters, investigations.  I would even travel across the country, to find I knew more about the “symptoms” than ther person I was seeing. I used, Massage; Osteopathy; Kinesiology; TMJ; Mysofacial; Cranial; Reiki; Bowen;  Acupuncture; McTimoney Chiropractic; Energy Testing; Auricular; Flower Bach Remedies; Podiatry; Iridology; Herbal Medicine and Ayurvedic, Live Blood Analysis, DNA Testing; Gut Health Testing, Meditation; Functional Diagnostic Testing; , I saw a number of conventional consultants from dermatology, to neurosurgeons, to gastro-enterologists, to endocrine specialists and more… Sometimes these helped sometimes it made me feel worse.

All was short lived. I became a researcher, a guinea pig to myself.

My fascination grew as did my knowledge, expertise and wisdom.

I continued my work in software, and my dance fitness, but I was moving into the energy body.  I was learning about frequency healing, the energy body, quantum physics, energy medicine, and moving energy through the body using neurogenic tremors and conscious connected breathwork.

I started to see beneath the symptoms.

My studying was growing, as was I.

I started to change my self-talk, and my thoughts started to change.  My body started to change and symptoms changed.

I decided from my own experience that if we work simultaneously with physical, mental, emotional and energy body then both our inner and outer world shift.

Waking up, raising our conscious awareness, opening up our subconscious and releasing the unconscious parts that have been unserving and stuck.  We start to remember parts of ourselves that we may have forgotten, and healing takes place naturally.

When we start to take accountability, and become responsible for how we think, feel and behave, we can start to acknowledge, and bring more awareness to ourselves.  Only then can we release, let go, and forgive what has come before, and remain grounded and in balance for longer periods of time.

By becoming less reactive and more responsive, we are able to slow down and observe.  We are here for a human experience, this includes pain, suffering and loss, shame, blame and yuckiness.  It also includes love, joy, peace, and happiness. The duality, the yin and yang, the up and down.

We can choose to create freedom from within.  It takes work, but transformation lies on the other side of discomfort.  It is up to us to shine our light bright.

Breathe360 brings together science and proven natural healing therapies that help guide you accurately what to do and to address underlying causes and reduce symptoms.  It is holistic, tailored and comprehensive. It is integrative, person centred and helps you rediscover yourself, to live your best version.

I walk so much lighter and happier than I ever did.  I live life passionately, and with purpose.  I breathe for connection, release and awareness, and to improve my  health and natural energy flow. I am on my own self discovery path that continues each and every day I wake up and my heart is beating.

I am excited for life, I appreciate my body, mind and soul.

I am excited to connect with you if you would like to do some work with me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


  • Life is a ride and full of stories.
  • Unpredictable, uncontrollable, sometimes feeling unforgiving.
  • It is not about being perfect, this does not exist.
  • There are no mistakes, only lessons and gifts.
  • Compassion is valuable.
  • Through pain is how we grow.
  • Experience Love. All kinds.
  • Grieve, Forgive, and Release Regret and Resentment.
  • Heal, with Honesty.
  • Fight your own battles.
  • Learn to say “no” with kindness.
  • Connect. Self-Care. Self-Love, Raise Awareness.
  • Enjoy some solitude.
  • Find your own safe within.
  • Become your own best friend.
  • Dance with your breath.
  • Work on your relationship with Source, Self and Others.
  • Sleep well, Eat well, Breathe well, and do more of what brings you Joy, with purpose.


  • To revolutionise the way we think about our own health and total wellbeing in a connected integrative way that uses accurate and personalised revolutionary treatments & therapy services that not only remove the guesswork, but help to focus on the underlying causes and reduce symptoms.  It is holistic, tailored and comprehensive, using integrative treatments that are person centred and help you rediscover yourself and live your best version.
  • Breathe360 helps guide you what to do and how to do it, supporting lasting change.
  • Sourcing natural products specially selected and sourced from around the world, with no nasties and minimal ingredients.
  • To sell vegan, sustainable and eco-friendly merchandise designed by Tamara
  • Work simultaneously with physical, mental, emotional and energy body, and experience transformation.

A client once said to me: “Your passion and devotion shines through, your knowledge is just drinkable, and everybody could benefit from a piece of Tamara to help them in their life.”  

Accredited Courses & Qualifications:

  • 2004 FHT Anatomy & Physiology
  • 2004 Level 3 ITEC Massage
  • 2009 FutureFit Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • 2010 Zumba Fit Instructor for Adults and Children
  • 2010 Indian Head Massage Diploma
  • 2012 Baby Massage
  • 2013 Mindset and Life Coach Certification
  • 2015 Myofascial Release Diploma
  • 2015 NES Health Practitioner in Bioenergetics
  • 2018 Functional Nutrition for a Healthy Brain and Body
  • 2019 Healthpath Gut Health Testing Affiliate
  • 2021 Flore Gut Health Testing and Personalised Probiotics Affiliate
  • 2022 TRE Practitioner in Tension and Trauma Release
  • 2022 Mindfulness Based Inner Repatterning Practitioner (MBIR)
  • 2022 SelfDecode DNA Analyis Testing Affiliate
  • 2023 Breath Master Certified Trainer (in training)
  • Research | Experience | General Training and Informed for: Trigger Point Pain Therapy, Somatic Release, Cranial, Trauma, Radical Honesty, Psychodynamic, Colour Therapy, CRM, RTT


  • 2023 CMA Certification in Integrative Immunopathology (coming soon…)
  • 2023 Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate with Peter Levine (coming soon…)
  • 2024 SAH Therapy (coming soon…)

“I do my thing and you do your thing.

I am not in this world to live up to your expecations.

And you are not in this world to live up to mine.

You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it’s beautiful.

If not, it can’t be helped”

– Fritz Perls